Bridget Elizabeth Roslyn Muir is a British avant-garde sound and visual artist who records and produces as ANDERSON.

‘I am a dead people’s detective. I focus on the more hidden details of a persons life, the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the theft; I try and work out what happened.’ ‘These Life Altering moments stacked between outer space and the depths of the city. Gothic noir ghost stories and songs about People Who Are In Peril. They have an old fashioned dark humour about them. A sort of Sesame Street for grown ups as written by The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling. With beats.’  

Anderson has written, recorded and performed as a songwriter/composer/vocalist and producer with many artists, bands and producers within the music industry for over a twenty year period. From British hip hop, dance and country to PlayStation games and soundtrack for film.

Anderson first came to public attention as the singer- songwriter from the house-disco band Cargo77 who had a top ten cult dance hit in South Africa and Italy with the release of More Than This in 2004.

After signing a solo artist deal with Fine Records and having the project shelved, Anderson focused instead on writing short stories and audio plays, culminating in her work being shown at Tate Britain in August 2014. 

Anderson signed with ambiel music and released the single wake up in december 2015.

INFLUENCES:  David Lynch/The Eurythmics/Laurie Anderson/ROXY music/Siouxie Sioux/The Slits/Jamie Lidell/Roman Polanski/Prince/T REX/Bernard Herrmann/Alfred Hitchcock/Grace Jones/Mary Shelley/Talking Heads/Sesame Street/Close Encounters Of The Third Kind/David bowie/Blondie/Mina/Federico Fellini/Tom Tom Club/Julie London/Bob Fosse/Portishead/Douglas Sirk/Les Tigres/Blade Runner/The Shangri Las/Annette Peacock/Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger/Patti Smith/Tim Burton/Sarah Douglas, Margot Kidder and Valerie Perrine in Superman ii (1980)/Truman Capote/Attack Of The 50ft Woman/Goldfrapp/George and Ira Gershwin/Roisin Murphy/Rod Serling/The Twilight Zone/Hans Christian Anderson/Night Of The Hunter/Michelangelo Antonioni/Tangerine Dream/Steve reich

EARLY INFLUENCES:  As a very young child Anderson would emulate the jazz lounge singers of the 60s playing on the radio. ‘Mostly Eartha Kitt and Julie London if I was at my Irish granny’s house.. Lotte Lenya as directed by Kurt Weill if I was at grandmother Ruth’s. Later on it would be Laurie Anderson and Annie Lennox. 

Born in Putney, London to a teenage mother and a ‘Coke dealer to The Rolling Stones’ father, Anderson’s mother left to start a new life in a politically active/Quaker/Buddhist hippy commune in East London surrounded by writers, film-makers, musicians and feminist psychologists ‘Everybody was in group therapy - even the cats were in therapy. We rebelled against the therapy – we set up an anti- therapy group and called it Kids Power. Yeah we were totally not up for it.’ 

‘My globe trotting cocktail waitress godmother looked after me whilst my mum was falling in love with my step father, she worked at Dingwalls nightclub - a live music venue on Camden Lock. I spent a lot of my childhood sat at the bar getting fat on American chocolate cake watching Little Feat and Ian Dury & The Blockheads do their afternoon sound check. My godmother is The Godmother Of Rock N Roll. She wore black bin liners as dresses.’ 

‘ Sometimes My mother would turn up to collect me from school, tight leopard print pants, Paloma Picasso red lipstick and jet black Elvis hair. I’d hide until all the other kids had been picked up and left the building.’ 

1989-1995: RECCA STO DJ/PIRATE RADIO  Fresh from a two year stint at The Young Vic School Of Music and Drama Anderson got a job playing and selling vinyl in a record store in Dalston. ‘All the DJs would queue up to get the new hot white labels every Wednesday – I got heavily into all the jazz fusion coming in on Japanese imports.‘ She became one of the first female DJs to get a regular slot on Future FM, Climax FM and Sunrise FM, the leading pirate radio stations at that time. 

2002-2005: CARGO 77  Working as a Marilyn-On-Acid-Sing-O-Gram -‘Me coming down the escalator all tangerine tulle, flamingo pink hair, a bunch of flowers bigger than me and a beatbox trying to get on the victoria line? ..You had to have been there.’ and accidently leaving her demo as a daily practice on the desks of urban British hip hop label Raw4Reel Records led to an artist development deal where she was introduced to Jack Henney(JL Henney) and Richard Louisey(Storm Clarke). The three bonded over Tony Bennett records and Powell & Pressburger movies. Cargo 77 were formed and produced a treasure trove of disco-house tracks infused with hip hop, electro, punk, rare grooves and cocktail lounge. Despite signing to a mind numbingly dysfunctional label they had a cult hit with the single More Than This in 2004 holding a top ten dance chart position for over twelve weeks consecutively in South Africa and Italy. 

2006-2007: RUBYSLIPPERSELECTRIKCABARET  Anderson signed a solo artist deal with Fine Records in 2007, producing a pop-dance album with JL Henney from Cargo 77. After handing over what Anderson felt was ‘The most hard won and best work I never thought I could give’ the project was shelved due to management changing hands and all song-based artists being promptly dropped from the label in exchange for beat-based music only. Her manager being gravely ill at such a tenacious time was inadvertently forced to abandon looking after her career. Dejected and depressed, Anderson retired herself. 

She would occasionally perform as a solo cabaret act singing popular songs from the early 60s and reciting self- penned gothic noir tales dressed as Dynasty era Joan Collins or Happy Dead Marilyn complete with barbiturate maracas and mortuary clipboard. These private events which included the infamous avant-garde art scene at Slappers Club alongside Soho pianist Clifford Slapper supplied an opportunity to hone obscure ideas, strengthen artistic identity and slowly restore a new sense of self confidence with a much darker flourish.
The following years would be spent focusing on perfecting the art of writing and performing the short story and experimenting with soundscapes. 

2014: LOST IN SPACE/TATE BRITAIN  Anderson presents one of her works Lost In Space, an immersive audio play and 3D animation at Late At Tate Britain in August 2014.

2015: In December 2015 Anderson releases Wake Up, the first single from the death of an unknown pop star EP through Ambiel Music.

Anderson is currently recording and producing a new album and writing and directing a collection of short films. she also runs a weekly music show on radiostudio79 under the name tammy denver alongside her brother ghostdj.

PERSONAL LIFE:  Anderson has survived three husbands; one a gangster, one a banker and the last a musician..

Her Buddhist practice has helped her battle with depression, overcome addiction and ‘Keeps me on the surfboard’.

Personal Mantras: ‘Go into the tigers mouth. Do not go into the Chihuahuas mouth – You’ll be in trouble.’ (Mooji)

Her key ring says ‘Congratulations. You are still alive.’

Anderson lives and works in London with her son who is also a music artist recording and performing under the name carl blarx.