Go into the tigers mouth. Do not go into the chihuahuahs mouth - you’ll be in trouble. -MOOJI

Born in the early 70s to a teenage mother, Anderson was raised in a politically active/Quaker/Buddhist commune in East London by a group of cocktail waitresses, writers, painters, film-makers, musicians and feminist psychologists. consistently bullied through school for being weird, she learned early on to stick with the outsiders and art teachers.

Anderson studied at The Young Vic School Of Music and Drama. after leaving home at 15 years old she got a job spinning and selling white labels to djs during the explosion of the house music scene at a record shop in Dalston where she got heavily into Japanese imported jazz fusion. She became one of the first female DJs to get a regular slot on Future FM, Climax FM and Sunrise FM, the leading pirate radio stations at that time. she worked as a Sing-O-Gram and as a session singer with many artists, bands and producers within the music industry for over a twenty year period. From British hip hop, dance and country to PlayStation games and soundtrack for film. Anderson was the lead singer of cargo77 who had a cult dance hit with the single more than this and has had music released as a solo artist. she has been an avid supporter of young british hip hop artists helping them to maintain their work through production management and emotional support. she has had her audio immersive work shown at Tate Britain.

anderson is currently recording and producing a concept album and writing and directing a collection of short films. she also delivers a weekly show on radiostudio79 under the name tammy denver.

Anderson lives and works in London with her son who is also a music artist.